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Are you a passionate researcher interested in photosynthesis?

Are you a researcher at a university or research institution and see opportunities for collaboration? Or is a position at the Jan IngenHousz Institute something for you? Get in touch! 

​In the near future, you can also participate in research through our open scientific platform that is accessible to a community of hundreds of research groups around the world. The platform enables this broad community to measure photosynthesis in new ways in many crops.

Become part of our research team

The Jan IngenHousz Institute aims to meet food security challenges by improving photosynthesis in a rapidly changing world. As an independent, but highly interactive institute, it is uniquely positioned to do science in new ways. The institute brings together different disciplines, and research groups around the world, breaking down barriers to creative approaches to science, engineering, and development.

Open positions

Research Assistant 3D Design (will open soon)

Develop hardware components for sensors, assist in the design, building, testing, and maintaining prototype instruments.

Research Assistant Plant Sciences (closed)

Responsible for conducting and preparing research projects using (new) methods, techniques, and/or equipment. You will coordinate experiments in the advanced growth facilities of Unifarm and NPEC ( Additionally, you will perform molecular biological analyses and report the results.

Managementassistent wetenschappelijk instituut (Dutch)

Je vervult een belangrijke en uitdagende rol om het management team secretarieel te ondersteunen. Je werkt zelfstandig, toont initiatief en bent proactief. Vanwege de ad hoc werkzaamheden en soms hectische omgeving ben jij in staat om prioriteiten te stellen en laat je je niet gemakkelijk afleiden.

We are a new institute ready for growth. We encourage you to keep an eye on our website for potentially interesting positions.

No position for you? 

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