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Djailey Gruijters, MSc

Founder & Scientific Director

Working as a Research Assistant at the Jan Ingenhousz Institute, Djailey Gruijters assists Dr. Tom Theeuwen in studying the effect of plant genetics on photosynthesis. Djailey has a diverse background with experience in plant breeding, phytopathology, entomology and farming. She offers a unique perspective by combining theoretical knowledge and practical experience in both controlled and field conditions.

Djailey has always had a passion for plants and knew she wanted to pursue a career related to this topic. Throughout her education she became more aware of the challenges which our crop production is facing as well as the many mysteries which remain surrounding photosynthesis. Therefore, she decided she wanted to contribute to helping solve these problems.

Starting her career at the Jan Ingenhousz Institute, Djailey is able to completely emerge herself in plant research while performing work with a purpose. Part of an interdisciplinary team she is continuously challenged with new theories. This creates endless opportunities to deepen her understanding of photosynthesis and how this knowledge can be used to improve this process.

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