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Prof. David M. Kramer

Founder & Scientific Director

Jan IngenHousz Institute is led by David Kramer, recognized as a world-leading expert on photosynthesis and innovator of science tools. The Institute brings together two of Dave’s life passions: Understanding how photosynthesis powers life and can be improved, and bringing the tools and methods of science to the world.

Dave changed his life focus the day he realized that the world was changing so fast that photosynthesis might not be able to catch up. Dave started to ask himself new questions beyond basic research, like: How does photosynthesis limit productivity? Can we help solve world problems by making photosynthesis more efficient or more resilient?

A lifelong journey of constant innovation and science followed to build the tools to see photosynthesis work in the real world, in diverse plants, in real environments as it occurs. Dave realizes that we need new approaches to science. We need to involve many people across the world, from engineers, scientists, mathematicians, plant breeders and farmers. Farmers' input, what happens in their fields, is essential to solving the problem.

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